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Harbin is a major economic and cultural center of China, located in the Heilongjiang province and is its capital. Harbin was founded by the Russians relatively recently, in 1898, as a station on the Transmanchurian railway. Even today, in the old districts of the city, you can see the architectural elements typical of the architecture of Siberia. Now the population of Harbin is about 10 million people.

The largest Orthodox cathedral in the Far East, St. Sophia, built in the Byzantine style, is included in the list of the most important monuments of national importance. In 1997, after restoration work, the cathedral was renamed the Harbin Palace of Architecture. It also houses the current Church of the Intercession of the early 20th century and an obelisk dedicated to the Soviet liberation army.

Jilesi Buddhist Temple, a sacred place for pilgrims in northern China, was built in the twenties of the past century.

Russian tourists will be interested in visiting a peculiar piece of Russia in China – a complex called Volga-Manor. All buildings here are built in the Russian style. On the territory of Volga-Manor there are hotels, estates, a souvenir shop, a business center, restaurants of Russian, Western, local cuisine, a recreation center with a sauna, a swimming pool, and a spa. The Pushkin salon also works here, where everyone can learn about the history of relations between Russia and China.

Animal lovers can go to the Harbin Polar Aquarium, which is almost the main attraction of the city. Here you can see sea and land animals of the Arctic Circle; daily performances with polar bears, beluga whales and sea lions are held here. The zoo in Harbin is no less interesting to visit.

Sunny Island, which is located within the city on the banks of the Songhua River, is especially popular with tourists. This island, densely covered with greenery, is one of the most favorite vacation spots for the townspeople and guests of Harbin.

From early January to late February, Harbin hosts the Snow and Ice Festival, which attracts ice sculpture teams from all over the world. During the festival, more than two thousand compositions of snow and ice are created. The best works can be seen at sites in the World of Snow and Ice Parks and Zhaolin, as well as on Sunny Island.

Mayor of the People"s Government of Harbin is Mr. Sun Zhe.

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