Welcome to hero-city Murmansk!

Murmansk is a young, strong and very unusual city with great potential for stable development in the near future. This largest metropolis in the Arctic Circle with a population of just under three hundred thousand people is located on the shore of the ice-free Kola Bay. The great Northern Sea Route begins here, which makes the city the most powerful northern port in Europe, not only commercial, but also fishing. It is here that the gates open to the Arctic, to its practically inexhaustible mineral and biological resources.

The capital of the Kola Polar Region is actively cooperating with twin cities from many countries of the world. Sister-city ties were established and developed as a sign of mutual sympathy among the inhabitants of cities, as a symbol of their common maritime destiny, as an example of relations between people bound by historical memory, respecting each other"s traditions and culture.

Mutual interests in the field of art, education, healthcare help hundreds of people in our cities – students, schoolchildren, doctors, artists – not only to get acquainted, exchange experiences, but also to find friends, colleagues, and like-minded people.

We sincerely hope that our further cooperation will strengthen and develop, contribute to the prosperity of our cities, and provide an opportunity to implement new joint projects.

Igor Morar
head of Murmansk city municipality
Yuri Serdechkin
head of Murmansk city Administration