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Vadsø is an amazing city on the Varanger Peninsula with a wide variety of cultures. The city is located in the Varanger fjord, the Vadsø commune also includes small settlements (both "Norwegian" and "Finnish"), scattered throughout the surrounding area.

It is here that the arctic nature is presented in all its glory. Of the 6,100 inhabitants of the commune, most live in Vadsø, but some remain in small communities. Vestre Jakobselv is the most numerous of them, many of its inhabitants have Finnish roots. 

Vadsø is a place where you can enjoy fishing, hunting and hiking in pristine, untouched nature. The city itself occupies a relatively small area, therefore all its attractions are at a glance. Nature surrounds you everywhere. The city also has a lot to offer in the sphere of services and entertainment; various cultural events and festivals take place here throughout the year. 

Fishing has traditionally been the main industry, and already in the 16th century Vadsø turned into a large fishing village. Today Vadsø is the center of Finnmark county, and the service sector has become more important in the life of the city than the extractive industries.  

In 1833 the settlement of Vadsø received the status of a city and became an important center of trade. Often it was here that Pomor trade was carried out. In 1830, immigration from Finland to Vadsø began. Finns arrived in the city from other parts of Finnmark County to try their luck and avoid starvation. During World War II, the city center was virtually razed to the ground by combined air raids in 1944. However, despite the enormous damage, many buildings remained intact; of all the settlements in Finnmark, it is in Vadsø that one can see the most preserved and restored buildings today. 

Vadsø, located on the southern coast of the Varanger Peninsula, is famous for its birds. Many coastal areas such as Store Ekkerøy are world renowned for their diverse avian community. Vadsø harbor is home to all three species of eider, including the Steller or Siberian Eider, a small, graceful and rare northern bird.

There is an airport in Vadsø, the city is also a port of call for cruise ships "Hurtigruten". 

Population in 2011: 6,095.

The Mayor of Vadsø is Mrs Wenhe Pedersen.

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