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Alanya (tour. Alanya), until 1935 Alaya is a district and a city in the mud (region) of Antalya Turkey, a well-known recreation center with a developed infrastructure of services and entertainment. Located on the Mediterranean coast, 138 km from Antalya. 

The population is about 100 thousand people.

Founded by Greek colonists in the 2nd century BC. BC, during the Roman era, the city served as a haven for smugglers and pirates. Ancient Alanya, also known under the names Karakession and Kalonoros (translated from Greek – "beautiful mountain"), used to be a refuge for pirates. They thrilled all the merchant shipping in the Mediterranean and carried on a brisk slave trade, the main organizers of which were, however, the large Roman landowners.

The Roman Senate armed Pompey with a fleet of 120 thousand soldiers, who for almost two months cleared all the "marais nostrum" (our sea) of pirates.

The decisive battle with the sea robbers retreating to the east took place in front of Corakesion in 67 BC. e. Then Mark Antony presented this city and all of Cilicia to Cleopatra, who used the local cedar forests for shipbuilding. Then began almost a thousand years of the history of the city as part of the Byzantine Empire.

In the VII century. the city fell into decay due to the raids of the Arabs.

In the XIII century, the city was captured by the Seljuks and renamed "Alaye" in honor of the Seljuk sultan Ala-ad-din Kei-Kubad. During his reign, the Red Tower was built, as well as a significant part of the fortress. In 1293-1471. Alaye (Alanya) was the center of the independent beylik Karamanogullarov. Due to its proximity to the Seljuk capital of Konya, Alaye has surpassed Antalya as a commercial and military port. In 1571 the city passed to the Ottomans and became the winter residence of Sultan Selim II. At the city"s shipyards for the Ottoman conquerors, warships were built, which ply the Mediterranean Sea.

In 1912, the city and the region were inhabited by: Turks – 32,854 people, Greeks – 6,500 people. 

Due to the presence of the warm Mediterranean Sea, as well as the Taurus Mountains that protect from the cold northern winds, Alanya is the warmest large city in Turkey. The average annual temperature is +20 ° C (for comparison, the average annual temperature of Antalya is +17 ° C, Sochi is +14 ° C, Nice is +16 ° C). Alanya has a subtropical Mediterranean climate. The winters are very rainy and the summers are very hot and long. Just like in Alanya, the air humidity is quite high, and it is ≈60-65% all year round. The warmest month is August; precipitation is rare in summer. Due to the very warm climate in Alanya, it is possible to cultivate plants that grow wild in subequatorial and even equatorial climates.

In addition to the fact that Alanya is an ancient city with a long history, it is also well known and loved by Russian tourists. In the vicinity of Alanya there are many hotels of any star category, there is a large sports complex, several beaches and a large number of attractions.

The agreement on the establishment of twinning relations between Murmansk and Alanya was signed on February 17, 2014.

The Mayor of Alanya is Mr. Adem Murat Yuzhel.

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